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Empowered by Laurisa: Empowered health and life transformations made simple.
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Supporting YOU to empower your health & life with ease...


One simple step at a time we can transform our lives through health, lifestyle and freedom.

As a freedom-based entrepreneur and holistic health coach, I support you to empower your health through natural nutrition and green lifestyle products. The other half of my purpose is to empower you to create the life of your dreams joining me as a freedom-based entrepreneur with Shaklee. A company with integrity, love for their employees and a support system to build a team and business however it fits in your life. That is true freedom and empowerment. 

My goals and intentions are to feel Freedom, Love, Connection, Abundance and Empowerment and be strong, healthy and energized in this journey called life. Shaklee is my beautiful partner for all of this.

What do you want to feel? How do you want to live your life?

Let's connect to find out.

With empowered love,


A trip I took to Spain after leaving my corporate fashion job and the FREEDOM I felt taking that leap.

A moment in Spain after I left my corporate fashion job and the freedom I felt taking that leap.